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Locally Built & Loved

Mattaki has been created for the automotive industry by a team of passionate web development professionals in Sydney, Australia.

Our software launched in 2009 with the objective of creating an industry best marketing platform for Dealerships that is geared towards desktop, tablet and mobile.

Mattaki is now used by Dealers throughout Australia to drive sales and better experiences for their customers.

What is Mattaki?

Mattaki is the revolutionary automotive platform that delivers your customers with an industry best experience online. We keep the features and content of your digital assets across desktop, tablet and mobile completely up-to-date on your behalf.

For $1,200.00* (excl GST) you will receive a brand compliant web site that is completely responsive, adapting itself to your customers device and resolution.

Once you've signed up, we will have your web site ready on our staging servers and ready for launch in less than a week.

Your web site also comes bundled with the full suite of products from the very easy to use Mattaki Content Management System.

After we've launched your new web site, a fixed monthly subscription of $300.00 (excl GST) covers all updates and new features that are added to your web site via our software.

Mattaki is the most efficient and effective way to design, deploy and manage your Dealership web site. It has become a popular choice for Dealers due to our quick and efficient support, constant deployment of new features and capped subscription model.

* Sign up to Mattaki for 12 months and we will waive the normal $1,200.00 (excl GST) setup fee!

Mattaki Responsive Websites with CMS

Solving Problems & Adding Value

We're solving problems that have traditionally made it difficult for Dealerships to confidently promote themselves online.

Ever had trouble keeping the content on your Dealership web site up-to-date? What about waiting for your supplier to make the change you requested days or weeks ago? Are new features for your web site cost prohibitive? Get a shock when you look at the bill for the most rudimentary updates to your web site?

Mattaki solves these problems and more by continuing to evolve and add value to your Dealership for a fixed monthly subscription.

The Mattaki difference is we provide an industry best solution that isn't cost prohibitive. We don't have a complicated pricing model, just a single monthly subscription that provides you and you're customers with a constantly evolving web site.

So in essence we're doing all of the heavy lifting so you don't have to which helps you to deliver the best experience to your customers and save money.

At Mattaki we launch new features on almost a weekly basis, ensuring that you're meeting challenges online and creating a competitive advantage for your Dealership.

Experience That Matters

Since 2009 we've combined our own automotive experience with our digital expertise (as well as countless conversations with Dealers throughout Australia) to make Mattaki the comprehensive platform that it is today.

In doing so we have become the alternative for Dealers frustrated with poor quality web sites and the exorbitant fees they've paid to establish & maintain them.

Mattaki continues to evolve every day, but one thing has not changed since we started - our objective of creating an industry best platform for Dealerships at a capped price.

We're proud that Mattaki delivers Dealerships solutions that have never looked or worked better across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The Mattaki team has responsive designs for most manufacturers in Australia.

Screenshot of Motorama Toyota as viewed on a smartphone Screenshot of Phil Gilbert Ford as viewed on a smartphone

Meet Changes in Shopper Behavior


Smartphone customers search from their mobile.


Use their smartphone to view product information.

* Statistics from Google.

Built Locally

Created specifically for the Australian automotive market, Mattaki has been built by our professional team in Sydney.

Used Nationally

Throughout Australia, Dealerships are using Mattaki to increase efficiency and better serve their customers.

Multi-Manufacturer Support

Dealers with different brands have used Mattaki to overhaul their digital strategy and appeal to a wider audience.

Why Choose Mattaki

There are many reasons why Dealers have partnered with Mattaki, here are some of the more popular ones.

  1. 1

    Fixed Budget Solution

    We've created a platform that allows us to deliver your web site for a fixed setup and monthly subscription.
    At $1,200.00 (excl GST)* for setup and $300.00 (excl GST) monthly subscription, Mattaki is super easy to budget for.

  2. 2

    Completely Responsive

    Mattaki uses a responsive framework so your customers have a highly optimised and refined experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

  3. 3

    Enterprise Level Infrastructure & Support

    We've integrated Mattaki into some of the best platforms on the internet to ensure you're online when it matters.
    The Mattaki support team is also here to assist you on strategy and any questions you may have about our software.

  4. 4

    Constantly Evolving & Maintained for You

    Mattaki is continually evolving to meet the needs of both your Dealership and customers. Features are automatically rolled out to your web site at no additional cost. We also maintain all of the content on your web site for you.

  5. 5

    Professional Lead Generation Platform

    During the decision cycle that every customer goes through, leads can be won or lost based around the simplest of experiences. It's critical that it is super easy for your customers to submit their enquiry.

"I finally found someone with the expertise that could build a website that I had envisaged and can now be proud to have live on the web!"

Dean OwenOwen Toyota Visit Owen Toyota Dean Owen from Owen Toyota

Ready for Mattaki?

If you're ready to sign up to Mattaki, simply complete our online form. A few moments after you sign up, we will be in touch to discuss next steps as we get your web site ready for launch.

$ 1,200* Setup Fee
$ 300.00 Per Month

Sign up to Mattaki for 12 months and we will waive the normal $1,200.00 setup fee! Pricing excludes GST.

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