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The Mattaki Support Team is here to take care of requests and assist you with getting the most out of our software. We've created answers to some of the more common questions below.

If you would rather speak with us directly, please call the Mattaki Support Team on 02 8188 5960.

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  • The number of themes that have available per manufacturer vary. Once you've signed up with Mattaki, our support team will discuss the available styles with you.

  • Most definitely, you can change between any theme available in Mattaki at any time. There is no cost to switch between themes.

  • We launch new themes when the quota per theme has been filled. This ensures that there are plenty of styles to choose from.

  • When Mattaki themes are created they are designed around each manufacturers branding guidelines.

  • Mattaki themes are fully responsive so they're created to be device and platform independent. They'll look as good on a tablet or mobile as they do on a desktop browser.

  • Currently we have themes for most of the main manufacturers in Australia. We're continually adding new manufacturer themes, so get in touch with us to see if we support your brand.

Pricing & Subscription

  • There are two costs associated with Mattaki. The first is a one-off setup fee which is $1,200.00 (excl GST). The second cost is the monthly subscription which is fixed at $300.00 (excl GST).

    The setup can be waived if you sign up to a 12 month subscription with Mattaki.

  • For each web site that you set up on Mattaki there is an initial cost of $1,200.00 (excl GST) and a monthly subscription of $300.00 (excl GST). We will waive the setup fee for each web site when you sign up to Mattaki for 12 months.

  • The setup fee covers the creation of your web site on an existing Mattaki theme. It will be fully responsive and work beautifully across desktop, tablet and mobile. Once your web site goes live we will then maintain your web site for you under your monthly subscription.

    If you sign up to Mattaki for 12 months, we will waive the setup fee.

  • Since we launched in 2009 our monthly subscription has not changed. We believe that it's at the perfect price point to offer value to our Dealers and enable us to continue to build new features for Mattaki.

  • There are no tiers with Mattaki. When you sign up for our software you will receive all of the features available.

  • You can sign up via our online form and we will be in touch almost immediately. Your web site will be ready on our staging servers in a matter of 1-2 business days.

  • Mattaki can take data and media feeds from several sources to render out your new, demo and used vehicles on your web site.

On-Going Updates

  • All of the web site updates we've listed under Pricing is covered by your monthly subscription, there are no additional costs.

  • There are changes that we send up to your web site which are published to all Dealers and then there are your own individual tweaks. That means we're pretty much working on something every day.

  • Even though any changes are covered under your monthly subscription, we understand that from time-to-time you would like to make your own changes. To make this super easy, your web sites will come fully equipped with the Mattaki Content Management System.

  • Your monthly subscription covers updates that occurs for your web site. Please see our list of Features and Updates included under your subscription.


  • The hosting of your web site and the bandwidth that it uses is covered by your monthly subscription. Hosting will not cost you anything extra.

  • Mattaki utilises a number of popular programming languages and technologies including C#, ASP.net, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

  • Mattaki utilises several layers of redundancy to ensure your solution is in an enterprise level environment. Your web site will be on a dedicated server with content rendered by the Mattaki CDN (which is serviced by AWS CloudFront). We also store assets in AWS S3 for complete redundancy.


  • The Mattaki support team can assist with your DNS to ensure a smooth transition to your new web site.

  • Signup to launch is normally less than a week. Once your web site is on our production server it depends on the TTL of your 'A' record as to the time it takes for your domain to propagate around the web to customers.

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